Penny Pool

This is PennyPool, a tool to ease expense sharing among a group. Its main goal is to promote lazyness, by making it trivial to administer shared expenses.


A well-known problem in groups of people is how to distribute costs of collective payments. What usually happens is that one person pays and expects the rest of the group to then pay their respective shares to him / her. This is not a problem for a single incident, but when multiple events occur, with different persons paying, it would clearly be better to pool these events. Payments can then be set up within the group, such that the number of money transfers is minimized.

PennyPool helps in administering these kinds of expenses in the form of a simple web application. First of all, the mere fact that expenses can be entered in a central location (to which everyone has access) makes it clear to everyone who should pay what. Furthermore, it is possible to group these expenses in settlements, which can be used as a starting point for actual payments among the members of the group. These payments can also be entered and attached to the settlement. In this way, the progress of the settlement can be seen and it is obvious how much should still be paid.

The database only stores information that was entered directly. All presented data (e.g. balance) is calculated in real-time. Precision is therefore limited by MySQL and/or PHP, only two decimal places are shown for readability. (this also means that the cents/pennies don't always add up, in which case a "miereneuker" should use the rounded cumulative result. As opposed to harassing me...)


Download pennypool-0.5.4.tar.gz, and follow the instructions in README. Should these fail to help you, please contact me: Older releases:


You can try PennyPool out on the demo site. Log in with username "gast" and password "gast". You will have access to all functionality, with the exception of changing the data of this account. You may want to create a new user (or edit an existing one) to experiment with changing your own login.


Huisrekening is de nederlandse (oorspronkelijke) versie van Penny Pool. Het is een klein programma (lees: set php-pagina's) om virtueel uitgaven te delen. Per uitgave kan worden aangegeven wie deelt in de kosten, bovendien is het mogelijk om individuele betalingen te administreren.

De database slaat alleen die data op die direct is ingevoerd. Dit maakt het eenvoudig altijd een kloppende balans te hebben. (dwz, ook als personen worden toegevoegd of verwijderd) Bovendien is de precisie slechts gelimiteerd door MySQL en/of PHP. De twee decimalen in beeld zijn het resultaat van afronding op het allerlaatste moment. (dit wil trouwens ook zeggen dat het optellen van centen soms niet klopt, maar da's toch meer voor de mierenneukers onder ons)

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